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How to get rid of mice in your house

How to get rid of mice in your house  

Mice are small and hairy creatures that can easily damage most of your household appliances, upholstery, eat all types of food items, and because they feed on wasted food, they carry various harmful diseases.

It can get very complicated and frustrating to control the increase of mice population in a home because these rodents are small in structure and can easily get between small gaps and cracks. They can easily be found in almost any area in a home and also in garbage cluttered areas. Mice are not that easy to spot during the day, but during the night or when the lights are turned off, they can often be heard scurrying around looking for wasted food items.                          

Getting rid of mice is not an easy feat. They crawl through small holes and tend to hide in small corners. The good news is that even if it is not an easy task, it is possible to get rid of these pesky rodents on your own. By applying a variety of techniques, you can effectively and completely clear your home of mice. Keeping an organized, uncluttered, and clean home are some of the best ways to prevent mice from invading your home. Food attracts mice, so food that is put away in secure bags and containers is another way to prevent mice from showing up.
Mice are also known to find the smell of mothballs and ammonia repelling. This is a scent that these creatures stay away from. Peppermint is another scent that can have them running in the opposite direction. If you soak some cotton balls with peppermint extract and place them near the areas where you see or hear mice can help keep them away. Mice are also flexible small creatures and they have the capability of running and jumping up and down walls. Sealing any vents, cracks, and open spaces, thin openings from the inside and outside of your home are other ways to prevent mice infestation. If your home is already infested by these rodents, you can always try to use traps.

Mouse traps are an effective way to getting rid of mice. You can place traps in corners of your home or the places where you often see them running around. Another option is by applying mice repellents. This is a safe and eco-friendly way to get rid of house mice.

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